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Farman F.190 Canopy & Window mask, chrome plated window fram

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Code: SBS-72045Name:Farman F.190 Canopy & Window mask, chrome plated window framWeight:70 grMaterial:maskPieces:0In stock
for SBS Model kit


This set includes pre-cut, self-adhesive vinyl painting masks and chrome plated vinyl rim frames to be used with the Farman F.190 kit. At first use the supplied painting masks when painting the entire model. After the model has completely dried, you can apply the chrome-plated porthole frames. Chrome-plated vinyl is hard and difficult material to cut, and thus it is recommended to carefully run through the cutting lines with a fresh, very sharp knife blade to ensure the separation of the frames cleanly from the backing sheet. Then you can continue with removing the center pieces of the frames. Handle with care, as these frames are thin and a bit difficult to remove from the backing sheet.
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