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Dear Visitor!

Welcome in The Bodi homepage.

We were thinking for a long time to open an enterprise, but the time only came now. We proudly present: The Bodi. High quality for a reasonable price. We start business with unique products, or at least with weak supplement. Our company focuses on 1:48 and 1:35 scale figures and accessories. Our goal is to extend our offer with historical figures, 1:72 scale figures and diorama accessories. The Bodi's renowned campaigner is Krisztián Bódi, who fabricated masterpieces for several successful companies. His work can be found at Art Girona, Young Miniatures, Masterclass, Alpin Miniatures etc. catalog, so his name is warranty for the quality.
The Bodi works as a manufacture. This means we make the design, the master pieces, and the final products. This guarantees high quality and stringency, because we control the whole production.
We hope we give joy for the collectors and for mock-uppers as well.
New products The Bodi TB-Figures 1/35 scale 1/48 scale TB-Busts 1/9 scale 1/10 scale TB-Armor accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale TB-Bases wood - square 1/35-1/32 Resin TB-Aircraft accessories 1/72 scale K.U.K. Miniatures KUK-Figures 54 mm (1/32 scale) 1/35 scale 1/48 scale 1/72 scale VICE75 Miniatures VICE75 figures and busts 75 mm 120 mm 1/16 Minibust Corpus C-Figures 1/35 scale 1/48 scale 54mm size Hunikum HU-Figures 1/35 scale 90mm size 90mm size - painted MIKE's world Caricatures 1/10 scale SBS Model SBS-Airplane Full Kits 1/48 scale 1/72 scale 1/72 scale - Plastic Passion SBS-Aircraft accessories 1/48 scale 1/72 scale SBS-Armor accessories 1/16 scale 1/35 scale 1/48 scale SBS-Aircraft Decal 1/48 scale 1/72 scale SBS-Armour Decal 1/35 scale ZONE Miniatures ZONE Figures 1/10 Bust 1/12 Bust 1/16 Bust 54 mm (1/32 scale) 75 mm Rescue Models RES-Plane accessories 1/32 scale 1/48 scale 1/72 scale 1/144 scale Limes Model LIM-Diorama accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale 1/72 scale LIM-Armor accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale LIM-Aircraft accessories 1/144 scale Z63 Riveting tool 1/24 scale 1/32 scale 1/48 scale 1/72 scale Miniman Factory MMF-Figures 1/35 scale

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